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Welcome to the new Swiss Business Club.

The old Swiss Business Club was founded in 2006 by some spontaneous Managing Directors of Swiss companies operating in the Netherlands. As well as the Swiss Embassy and the Swiss Tourism Office in Amsterdam supported the growth of the SBC. Until 2012 it grew to almost 100 members.

A lot of events were held where members had a fine evening and could exchange valuable ideas about business ideas. Most of them CEO’s or Managing Directors of Swiss or Dutch companies. Unfortunately, in mid 2013 the SBC Board decided to halt all activities of the SCB…and it died a silent death…

This is a pity because most of the members still today could not understand such a move! Neither do I… The SBC and its activities and events were very welcome among the members. It is my intention to reactivate the Swiss Business Club, so as it was until the end of 2012. If you want to join me in doing so, and/or to brain-storm some ideas, that would be great! Let’s talk then.

Contact me and we will discuss it. I am looking forward hearing from you.

Best regards, met vriendelijke groet, mit freundlichen GrĂ¼ssen,

Oliver F. von BorstelOliver F. von Borstel, CEO Masters of Sales Europe

Chairman Swiss Business Club